Overcome Stutters and Stammering with this Speech Therapist’s Advice

Many adults and teenagers who stutter are to some extent to have had speech therapy at some time in their lives, even if not to have it done again. Some adults have also been treated for stuttering for many years. No matter how long you have had therapy you might want to consider it again as your child becomes older. It’s normal for speech to alter with age or change as circumstances and emotions change. For example, if your child stutters when a new sibling comes into the family or when a change in school has just occurred. Read through to learn more about speech pathology.

Speech therapy

If your child has had therapy and has learned to control his/her temper when he/she feels upset, it might be a good idea to try to reintroduce it again and see how they respond. They could benefit from this particular treatment if they have learned how to use their verbal skills to express their feelings and can learn to communicate without stammering.

Your child might also benefit from an additional visit to the speech therapist, if you feel that their progress is still not satisfactory. Children do not get very far with talking before they get frustrated and end up crying. You might want to consider having this child undergo more treatment with speech therapists to learn to control their temper when they don’t like what they are hearing or speaking.

If your child does have a problem that has to do with being able to speak clearly and confidently with others, you might want to seek out a speech therapist that specializes in helping children who stutter. There are some doctors and therapists that are trained specifically to help children that are learning how to communicate with others and avoid stammerers. This person will work with your child to help them overcome their stammerer problem by training them to talk more fluently and use more of their verbal skills. As your child grows older, they may need to return to the speech therapist for more frequent therapy sessions. If they don’t you should consider finding one that works locally and that will allow you to go on a regular basis.

You should also think about whether your child needs speech therapy to overcome a speech problem. If you child is having difficulty with communication or even just with talking to others then speech therapy may be required. If your child is a bit older and has a stammerer issue and is being a bit more difficult to work with then you will want to see whether speech therapy is necessary. If your child is still having difficulty communicating but is not in school or at home, then your family physician may be able to refer you to a speech therapist to help you.

Stutterers are often the victims of negative comments when they attend public gatherings and this is something that you should make sure to avoid. Try to maintain a positive attitude towards them and show that you care about their situation and do not let them know that you are judging them.